Using the Interrogate Tool in Tabx

The  Interrogate tool is used to drill down and create comparisons in a particular dataset. Multiple configurable windows allow a user to construct tables and charts with as few clicks as possible to draw insight from the data they’re looking at.

Opening and Using Windows

  • Within the  Interrogate tool 2 windows (a window being a chart and table pair (Or just a table if the project has disabled charts) can be viewed at once. To show or hide given windows, open the sidebar by clicking the  Menu button at the top left of the page, then select which windows you want to see open. After two windows have been opened, the other window selection buttons will be disabled.
  • Windows can be renamed by clicking the  Edit button next to the title within each window.
  • Windows can be made full-width by clicking the  Expand icon in the top right of each window.

Adding Windows

Up to 5  Interrogate windows can be added to a project by each user of that project. The windows are unique to that user, and the  Interrogate tool. To add a window to the  Interrogate tool:

  • Browse to the  Interrogate tool.
  • Open the sidebar by clicking the  Menu button at the top left of the page.
  • Click  Add WIndow.
  • A new window will be added to the list of available windows for you to open.

Removing Windows

Removing a window is just as easy as adding one. To remove a window from the  Interrogate tool:

  • Browse to the  Interrogate tool.
  • Open the sidebar by clicking the  Menu button at the top left of the page, and make sure the window you would like to remove is open and being viewed.
  • Click the  Settings button at the top right of the window you wish to remove.
  • Browse to the  Settings tab of the  Settings drop down.
  • Click  Remove Chart. WARNING: This operation is permanent.
  • The window will fade out and be removed from your  Interrogate tool.

Embedding Charts

If Charts are enabled within a project, you can construct charts to later embed in a webpage, blog post or forum. To generate an embed code, configure your chart to as needed, then click the  Embed button underneath. Copy and paste the code in the text box into your webpage or blog post to see the chart – fully interactive – be drawn. The embedded charts are taken as instance of the chart generated within the  Interrogate tool. Even if you change the configuration of the chart that was embedded in the  Interrogate tool, the embedded chart will remain the same. This is to ensure embedded charts do not change their information when being used in webpages!


The Interrogate tool allows you to export single tables and charts. To export anything within the Interrogate tool:

  • Browse to the  Interrogate tool.
  • Configure a window to construct the table or chart you need.
  • Click either  Export Table to generate an XLSX file, or  Export Chart to export a .PNG file.
  • XLSX Files are created using native Excel formatting. This ensures that merged cells, numbers and percentages are properly represented and ready to use within the export.

Configuring Charts and Table Windows

Any Chart / Table window can be configured by clicking the  Settings button in the top right of the window. The configuration process can be viewed here.

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