Using the Analysis Tool in Tabx

The  Analysis tool is used to generate large, multi-dimensional output tables (cross tabs, bannered tables) from variables within your dataset. They make the task of generating bannered output tables as easy as just 2 or more clicks. The process to generating a bannered output table is similar to configuring an  Interrogate window, or floating Chart and Table within the  Dashboard. To read a full description of the various options, please read Chart and Table Configuration in Tabx.

Generating Analysis Tables

The Analysis tool requires a project is set up for best use. Please read Basic Project Management for more information.

  • Browse to the  Analysis tool.
  • Select your Analysis Variables. You must select at least one  Analysis Variable. These will act as your table “rows”.
  • Select whether or not to  Subset the   Analysis Variable by another applicable variable.
  • Choose one or more  Break Variables to act as the “columns” within the bannered output table.
  • Choose the  Filters that are needed within this analysis output.
  • Choose which  Global Options and  Table Options that are needed within this analysis output.
  • Choose which  Settings that are needed within this analysis output.
  • Click  Generate Table. A new window will open with the generated analysis.

Exporting the Table

Once you have generated a table, you can export this table to an XLSX file. Click the  Export Table in the analysis output to generate the XLSX file. XLSX Files are created using native Excel formatting. This ensures that merged cells, numbers and percentages are properly represented and ready to use within the export.

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