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Focus on the key insights, not on finding the data with our client-centric platform

Tabx is designed with a focus on user experience, allowing users to quickly access project data without the need for extensive data processing. With minimal training required, you can easily aggregate data, produce cross-tabs, and share insights with clients and colleagues. This allows you to focus on the key insights from your project data, rather than spending time trying to locate the information.

Drag & Drop Survey Data Dashboards - fast and Intuitive data for your projects

Efficiency in data analysis and more time for insights. Tabx dashboards can be deployed on any web-enabled device. Impress your clients with customised domain names, login, and user access experience.

Designed for Effortless Market Research

Crosstab Analysis

Quickly and easily analyze your project data with Tabx, a fast and intuitive platform that requires minimal training, usually less than an hour to get started.

Interrogation Toolset

Carry out your own analysis quickly and independently with Tabx’s Interrogate toolset, designed specifically for market researchers to reduce dependence on data processing staff.

Branding & Customisation

We believe it is important that the client brand is an ever-present feature of the user experience. The look-and-feel is customisable to the client brand.

Derived Variable Support

With Tabx’s user-friendly interface, developed by market research data management experts, creating derived variables for analysis has never been easier.

Dashboard Creation

Easily create engaging and informative data-driven dashboards online with Tabx, customize it to reflect your brand and make it interactive and animated.

Export and Embed

Export data directly to Microsoft Office chart objects, for Excel, PowerPoint, or Word, along with embeddable interactive charts for public or private web pages.

Transform your market research process with Tabx’s user-friendly software
and powerful data analysis tools

Providing a versatile solution for Agencies and Brands of any type and size

Tabx is a cloud-based, user-friendly market research analysis software that streamlines your workflow and makes managing internal and client users easy. With Tabx, there are no cumbersome installs or licensing to worry about. Our flexible pricing options allow you to only pay for the number of users you need when you need them, so you can scale up or down as your business demands without any additional costs.

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"Thanks for your help! The projects wouldn’t have been workable without you and TabX”"

"This is a thing of beauty – is going to be SO helpful, thank you so much for this. Just been playing about with it and it’s so easy to use"

"As a market researcher, I have tried multiple tools but Tabx’s software is by far the best I have used. The data visualization tools are so easy to use that even the non-technical members of my team can make sense of the data."

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