Registration on Tabx

Registration is free for Tabx. To register, browse to and fill out the form with your Company details.

Free License

The free license allows you to evaluate Tabx. The limits on the free License are as follows:

  • 2 Projects
  • Maximum 200 Variables per Project
  • Maximum 1000 Respondents (rows) per Project
  • 1 user (The administration User)

All other features are unrestricted, meaning you can Import CSV / SPSS survey data, view those survey results and create reports from the exportable charts and tables. If at a future point you decide to upgrade your license (to add some Client Users or to lift the Project/Variable/Respondent limits) you can do this through the automated payments system within Tabx.

Registration Form

The registration form requires a number of fields to create a license account on tabx Online. Some details can be edited later, but it is important to understand their function before you register:

  • Email Address – This is the email address used to log into the administration area for your Tabx license. This email address can only be changed by request, and not through your administration area. It is recommended that a company registers with a unique and specific email such as ““. A user is created upon registration and is referred to as the License Adminstration User, whose login detail are this email address and the password you provide (see below). This email address must be valid – an email is sent to verify the email address. Without clicking the link in this email, the license and account will not activate. Please add “” to your email provider’s white list.
  • Password – This is the password to the License Adminstration User. It is only by entering the License Adminstration User email address and this password that a company can access their license administration area. This password can be changed in the administration area at a later date.
  • Company Address Details – These are the details that will be used for any communication including invoices for the created Tabx license. These details can be changed after registration in the license administration area.
  • Terms and Conditions – Any registration must adhere to the Terms and Conditions before using or accessing any part of the Tabx service.
  • Captcha – Complete the Captcha to ensure the form submits successfully.

When the registration form is submitted, each input box will either glow green (the entered information is valid) or red (the entered information is incorrect). If any text box glows red, it is usually because not enough characters have been entered into that text box, or the entered information isn’t valid.

Account Activation

The created Tabx license will not be activated until the link contained within the verification email is clicked. Once clicked and verified, the License Adminstration User with the email address and password entered at the point of registration can now log in and start using tabx!

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