What we’re working on

Q1 2021

Over the winter, our devs are busily hard at work coding a “common stats” tool to compliment the Interrogate, Dashboard and Analysis tools. This “Stats” tool will include five or six of the most common statistical functions that are applied to survey data. We’ve already included Signifiance Tests, which operate over split agregate tables, however this Stats tool will operate over whole fields and output single numbers, for example Correlation.

Dashboards and Dataviz
Tabx will also continue to recieve small feature updates for our already lightning fast Dashboard and Interrogate toolset, including but not limited to new chart types, more customisation and different content delivery methods.

Short term goals

Q4 2021

Our Development Director Elliott has long had plans to incorporate a RESTful API into Tabx, allowing other applications to take advantage of its supremely fast collation engine and number crunching strength. This will allow integration into bespoke applications including web portals, native Android and IOS apps, desktop applications and more.

Long term goals

Q1 2022 and beyond

R Script / custom script support
We understand there might be more complex calculations that researchers want to include in their analysis. We hope to be able to support stats languages such as R, but also may develop our own bespoke scripting language if we feel that can better support our users.

Have a feature request?

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